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We extend existing inspection and testing technologies and integrate with existing systems to generate improved data that exposes information previously unseen in oil and gas production and processing.


Isoptope tracking for pigging


Pig Patrol informs asset owners about their pipelines performance and condition to promote optimisation and availability.  Delays and related costs incurred locating lost or stuck pigs can be onerous, these can also be reduced significant with the consistent and low risk reliability of Pig Patrol.


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 What is Pig Patrol?

An evolutionary shift in pipeline pig location and transit verification. Pig Patrol location method utilises a small sealed radioactive source that is designed specifically for each programme.  It is contained and attached to each pig.  This allows for accuracy of location within centimetres as well as verified transit during launch and receival. Pig Patrol is fixed to the external pipe location of interest to monitor the passage of each pig.



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This purpose designed, crane mounted sampling apparatus is intended for sampling of large waste and tails ponds that may not be readily accessible by other means. Coupled with a variable depth gauge (as required) this allows samples to be taken at a variety of different locations and depths and that depth of sample to be accurately known.

The assembly design minimises the potential of ‘punching’ through the bottom lining of a pond, tails facility etc... providing a level of environmental safety and surety of maintaining the asset' integrity . Operators can be confident of obtaining samples from a variety of matrices with an accuracy of depth measurement