Fixed Radiation Gauges Training, Auditing and Compliance Testing

Fixed Industrial Radiation Gauges are used for a variety of purposes including level measurements, flow density, material thickness etc in a wide range of industries.

Radiation Professionals now offer complete services for users of Fixed Industrial Radiation Gauges (also called nucleonic gauges).  

These include:

  • Disposal of old gauging sources
  • Housing integrity checks 
  • Training 
  • Auditing of Radiation Management Practices for sites using fixed gauges
  • Carrying out annual compliance tests on fixed gauges.
  • Radiation Management Plans (RMP) development/review and implementation assistance
  • Compliance testing of industrial gauges (NOTE: WA requires this to be done by a licensed person prior to use)
  • General Industrial Gauge management which includes:
 • Training of Radiation Safety Officers (regulatory licensing course)
 • Training for Isolation Techs/gauge operators working under a licensed user
 • Training/induction of other site personnel (awareness/isolation/etc)
 • Import of radioactive materials
 • Custom’s clearance/freight forwarding management
 • Transport of radioactive material
 • Storage pending installation/transport
 • Installation of gauging devices
 • Compliance auditing (WA requires that gauges are compliance tested by licensed person prior to use)
 • Development/review of Radiation Management Plans
 • Source security assessments and development/review of Source Security and Transport Security Plans
 • Provision of RSOs
 • Provision of specialist radiological advice (service provider)
 • Emergency response (advice when planning, or during emergency)
 • Incident investigation
 • Disposal of radioactive materials
  • Licensed transport services; Freight forwarding management; Importation of Radioactive materials
  • Secure storage facility for Radioactive Materials (privately operated)
  • Expert radiation consulting, regulatory compliance advice and liaison, including provision of a Radiation Safety Officer